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Motor Mount PN's

I was having trouble finding aftermarket part numbers for the rear motor mount that attaches to the subframe. If you go to Advance Auto, Autozone, etc., you may find that you have trouble getting the rear motor mount.

In doing my research, I put them here for a easy guide so you wont have to search next time.

Factory Mount PN's

The numbers for the OEM mounts are in CAPS, but I will list them here as well.

Side mount: MB910657
Rear mount (manual): MB910662
Rear mount (automatic): MB910663
Transmission side mount (manual): MB910660
Transmission side mount (automatic): MB910661
Front mount (manual): MB844274
Front mount (automatic): MB844275

Aftermarket Mount PN's

Here are the numbers from the Anchor catalog. This is one of the most widely used brands that you will get if you go to a auto parts store to order them.

Side mount: 8792
Rear mount (manual): 8798
Rear mount (automatic): 9039
Transmission side mount (manual): 8793
Transmission side mount (automatic): 8793
Front mount (manual): 8670
Front mount (automatic): 8670

Some Other Information

You may have noticed some of the aftermarket mounts are the same PN, where Mitsubishi says they are different.

I have spoken to a few guys who swapped from a ATX to a MTX, and they used the same
front mount
, fits fine. Also spoke with one member who ordered all the mounts when he did his. He said that all of the Mitsubishi parts came were exactly the same regardless of whether the PN came back for ATX or MTX. (with regard to the front mount. The rear mount is different and not interchangable!)

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