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This comes up a lot, so here are finally a couple pictures to help clarify things!

It is important to note that "just half a tooth or so off" means you need to pull that belt and try it again. We all know how much it sucks to have to reset everything and deal with this gear moving or that mark not lining up at the last minute, but better to deal with it now, than in four hours, after you've put it all back together again.

When properly timed, the marks on the edge of the cam gears will meet damn near perfectly, pointing towards each other. BE CAREFEUL! One of the stock gears has TWO marks on it, while the other only has one. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you don't have one cam 180* out (which would result in all the valves being opened at the same time, giving you practically ZERO compression and an engine that will crank, but not start).

And, should you have the valve cover off while you're scratching your head about this, look for the holes for the special tool in the cams. If you don't have both holes pointing straight up, you've got a cam out of whack.

Hope this helps someone. (Thanks to Ryan (aka: Tegster) for the proper picture of the crank sprocket!)


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