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AssemblyNormal, Illinois
Drivelinefront wheel drive
Engine locationfront
EPA ClassSubcompact
City/highway -MT-AT 22/33 mpg - 21/31 mpg w/AT

Exterior Dimensions:

Wheelbase98.8 in
Track (f/r)59.4/59.3 in
Length172.4 in
Width68.3 in
Height49.87 in
Ground clearance?
Frontal Area?
Coefficient of drag0.29
Curb weight-RS (MT / AT)2745 / 2811 lbs
Curb weight-GS (MT / AT)2833 / 2899 lbs
Weight Distribution (f/r)62/38


Engine Code420A
Type2.0l DOHC 16-valve SEFI Inline 4 cylinder
Constructioncast iron block / cast iron bed plate /aluminum alloy
Displacement1996 cm3
[121.8 cu in.]
Firing order1-3-4-2
Horsepower140 bhp @ 6000 rpm [104 kW]
Torque130 ft-lbs @ 4800 rpm [177 N-m]
Max engine speed MT7300 rpm (electronically limited)
Max engine speed AT6464 rpm (electronically limited)
Compression170-225 psi [1.172-1.551 kPa]
Allowable varianceMax 25%
Compression ratio9.6:1
Bore X Stroke87.5 mm x 83 mm [3.44 in x 3.268 in]

Engine Block:

Block212 mm [8.35 in] high.
Open top-deck. Thin-wall cast iron. Ends at crank centreline.
Bore Spacing96 mm [3.78 in]
BedplatePerimeter wall and three transverse webs
Main bearing capsIntegrated into transverse bedplate webs
Bedplate attachment10 bolts along perimeter, 10 straddling main bearings


AdjustmentAutomatic (hydraulic) valve lash adjusters
Rockersstamped steel rocker arms w roller followers
Camshaft bearings6
Intake valve seat outer diameter34.5 mm [1.36 in]
Exhaust valve seat outer diameter29.5 mm [1.16 in]
Valve stems6 mm [0.25 in] chrome plated stems
Intake valve lift7.8 mm [0.31 in]
Exhaust valve lift7.0 mm [0.28 in]
Intake Valve Opens1.3* BTDC
Intake Valve Closes39.7* ABDC
Exhaust Valve Opens36* BBDC
Exhaust Valve Closes1.1* ATDC
Valve included angle48 degrees (exhaust forward, intakes rearward)
Roller cam follower length20 mm [0.79 in]
Valve springsbarrel-shaped single springs (control to 7200 rpm)
Camshaftsnodular iron hardened after machining

Rotating Assembly:

PistonsElliptical cast eutectic aluminum alloy (12%
Piston pin offset1 mm [0.04 in]
RingsTwo compression rings, one three-piece oil ring
Connecting rodsOne-piece powdered metal forgings
CrankshaftFully counterweighted nodular iron, 15 kg [33 lbs]
Main bearings52 mm [2.05 in]
Rod bearings48 mm [1.88 in]
Crankshaft pulleyConventional inertia-ring vibration damper
Accessory beltsAlternator belt, Power steering/air conditioning belt

Fuel/Ignition System:

Fuel SystemElectronically controlled sequential
multi-point fuel injection with twin-spray injectors
Fuel Pressure (Vac hose conn.)330-350 kPa [47-50 psi]
Injector Flow Rate 235 cc/min
Injection system typeSpeed-density control
Intake manifold pressure sensorManifold absolute pressure (MAP)
Throttle body bore52 mm [2.05 in]
Intake manifold470 mm [18.5 in] curved aluminum runners.
Basic Ignition timing12� BTDC
Curb Idle Speed 800 � 100 rpm
Throttle Position Sensor resistance3.5-6.5 ohms
Intake air temp sensor resistance9-11 ohms @ 25� C [77� F]
Intake air temp sensor resistance0.6-0.8 ohms @ 100� C [212� F]
Crankshaft timing sensor"Hall-effect", inserted through side of block to #2 crankshaft
Camshaft reference sensorMounted on rear of exhaust camshaft, outside of the cylinder
Knock sensorPresent
Ignition coilsFour-lead DIS coil module
Idle speedControlled by PCM acting on stepper motor and by-pass
valve in throttle body
DiagnosticsOBDII onboard diagnostics system (after 95 model year)
Cruise control speed range35 to 85 mph [56 to 137 km/hr]


Battery12 Volt, MT 430 CCA, AT 525 CCA, Group 86,
Maintenance Free
Alternator90 Amps


Coolant temp sensor resistance9-11 ohms @ 25� C [77�
Coolant temp sensor resistance0.6-0.8 @ 100� C [212� F]
Radiator cap valve open pressure 94-122 kPa [14-18 psi]

Exhaust system:

Exhaust manifoldcompact, light weight nodular cast iron
Exhaust systemstainless steel
Emission control 3-way catalyst. Heated oxygen sensors (2).
Engine modifications. EGR

Manual Transmission:

TypeF5mc1 5-speed manual with overdrive
Gear ratios(I) 3.54 (II) 2.13 (III) 1.36 (IV)
1.03 (V) 0.81
Final drive ratio3.94
Overall top-gear3.19
Synchronizers (1st, 2nd)High capacity dual-cone brass synchronizers
Synchronizers (3rd, 4th, 5th)Paper friction material single-cone synchronizers, located
on input shaft
ReverseLockout from 5th to prevent accidental selection
GearsTwo-piece welded with needle roller bearings
Transmission caseTwo piece bell housing and gear case:
ClutchHydraulically operated 228 mm [9.0 in] modular single
dry plate
FlywheelRiveted to flywheel

Automatic Transmission:

TypeF4ac1 adaptive electronically control 4-speed
automatic w/overdrive
Torque converter241 mm [9.5 in] three-element Electronically Activated
Lock-Up Torque Converter Clutch
Final drive ratio3.94
Stall ratio2.65
Oil cooler yes
Dash indicatorAutomatic Transmission Oil Temperature Warning Light

Axle shafts:

TypeUnequal length front axle shafts, driver
side includes dynamic damper.
Joints, InboardPlunging tripod universal
Joints, OutboardSteerable "Birfield"-type constant velocity
BootsMolded plastic for outboard drive shaft boots


Wheel size - RS14 x 5.5 steel w/full covers
Wheel size - GS16 x 6 JJ aluminum alloy
Bolt pattern:5 x 114.3 mm
Offset46 mm
Centerbore67.1mm (2.64 in)
Tire size -RS195/70HR-14
Tire size -GS205/55HR-16
Front tire pressure32 psi
Rear tire pressure29 psi

Front Suspension:

TypeIndependent multi-link with coil springs
Stabilizer bar19 mm
Alignment - Camber - 14" wheels0� 05' � 30'
Alignment - Camber - 16" wheels0� 20' � 30' (min -0.58 / max +0.42)
Alignment - Caster4� 40' � 1� 30' (min +3.16 / max
Alignment - Toe-in0.3� � 0.3�

Rear Suspension:

TypeIndependent multi-link with coil springs
and trailing arm
Stabilizer bar - RSnone
Stabilizer bar - GS13 mm
Alignment - Camber 14" wheels-1� 20' � 30'
Alignment - Camber 16" wheels-1� 40' � 30' (-1.83 max
Alignment - Caster4� 40' � 1� 30'
Alignment - Toe-in3 � 3 (.12 � .12) (0.00
max +0.25)


TypePower-assist rack-and-pinion (engine-speed-sensitive?)
Steering ratio14.6:1
Steering turns, lock-to-lock2.4
Turning circle38.1 ft

Front Brakes:

TypePower-assisted single-piston sliding caliper
with ventilated disc (GS - ABS opt)
Size25.4 cm x 2.39 cm [10 in x 0.94 in]
Swept area1192 sq cm [184.8 sq in]
Disk runout0.08 mm [0.0031 in]
Disk min thickness22.4 mm [0.88 in]

Rear Brakes - Disk (GS):

Typepower assisted single piston sliding caliper
with rear solid disc
Size25.4 cm x 1.01 cm [10 in x 0.4 in]
Swept area1177 sq. cm. [182.5 sq. in]
Disk runout0.08 mm [0.0031 in]
Disk min thickness8.4 mm [0.33 in]
Parking brake lever stroke3-5 notches

Rear Brakes - Drum (RS):

Size22.86 cm x 4.064 cm [9 in x 1.6 in]
Swept area575 sq cm [89.1 sq in]
Rear drum inside diameter max 231 mm [9.1 in]
Parking brake lever stroke5-7 notches

Fluid Capacities:

Oil capacity4.3 l [4.5 qt]
Oil filter capacity0.5 l [0.53 qt]
Coolant7.0 l [7.4 qt]
MT Transmission fluid2.0 l [2.1 qt]
AT Transmission fluid8.6 l [9.1 qt]
Power Steering fluid0.9 l [0.95 qt]
Refrigerant - R-134a (HRC-134a)700-740 g [24.69-26.10 oz]
Fuel64 l [16.9 gal]


Driver wiper blade length - 589 mm [23.2 in]
Passenger wiper blade length556.4 mm [21.9]
Rear wiper blade length471-479 mm [18.5-18.7 in]


Main gauges170 MPH Speedometer, 9000 rpm Tachometer,
Fuel Level Gauge, Coolant Temperature, Tripmeter
Warning lightsEngine Check, Low Brake Fluid, Low Oil Pressure,
Low Fuel, Door/Trunk Ajar, Charging System, SRS Failure Indicator


Legroom - f/r43.3 / 28.4 in
Head room - f/r37.9 / 34.3 in
Shoulder room - f/r53.1 / 51.2 in
Hip room - f/r55.1 / 47.2 in
Steering wheelHeight adjustable
Passenger volume19.1 cu ft
Cargo room - manufacturer/EPA16.6 cu ft / 15 cu ft
Front seats - RS5 Way Adjustable Driver Seat With Dual Height and
Memory Recline
Front seats - GS 6 Way Adjustable Driver Seat With Dual Height
and Memory Recline
Adjustable Lumbar support:GS only
Rear seat - RSOne Piece Fold Down Rear Seat Back
Rear seat - GSSplit Fold Down 50/50 Rear Seat Back
Seat fabric - RSWoven Cloth Seating Surface With Vinyl Back
Seat fabric - GSSport Fabric Seating Surface With Cloth Back


StereoAM/FM Stereo CD With 4 Speakers, Anti-Theft
Stereo - optAM/FM Stereo With Full Logic Cassette, 6 Speakers
and Anti-Theft Feature
Antenna - RS Fixed Mast
Antenna - GS power, diversity antenna system (in glass)

Warranty: (standard)

Basic36 mo / 36000 mi
Powertrain60 mo / 60,000 mi
Rust84 mo / 100,000 mi
Federal Emission36 mo / 36,000 mi (Engine control module and catalytic
converter in vehicles equipped with OBDII are covered for 96 months
/ 80,000 miles)
CA Emission36 mo / 50,000 mi
Battery36 mo / Unlimited (Free replacement during first
24 months / 24,000 miles; 50% reimbursement for 25-36 months)
Restraint Systems60 mo / 60,000 mi (Includes seatbelts and airbags)
Air Conditioner36 mo / 36,000 mi (Refrigerant charge is covered
for 12 months / 12,000 miles.)


Door handles - RS/GSBlack / Colour keyed
Mirror trim - RS/GSBlack / Colour keyed
Sculpted Sill cladding - RS/GSBlack / Colour keyed
Fog lamps - RS/GSNone / Integrated
Rear spoilerNone / Colour keyed
Rear window wiper/washerGS


Safety FeaturesDriver and Passenger Air Bags
Side Impact Door Beams
Front and Rear Crumple Zones
3 Point ALR/ELR (Automatic Locking Retractor/Emergency
Locking Retractor) Seatbelts
Height Adjustable Front Shoulder Belts
Steel Safety Cage Body Construction
Collapsible Steering Column

Performance Data:

95 GS 5spdCar and Driver Magazine Oct-94
0-60 mph8.60 sec
1/4 Mile16.70 sec
Top Speed124 mph
70-0 Braking189.00 ft
Skidpad0.82 g
Sound, Idle49.00 dBA
Sound, Full Throttle 78.00 dBA
Sound, 70 mph cruising 73.00 dBA
Sound, 70 mph coasting73.00 dBA
95 GS 5spdMotor Trend Magazine Jun-94
0-60 mph9.00 sec
1/4 Mile16.60 sec
60-0 Braking127.00 ft
Skidpad0.85 g
Slalom67.50 mph


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