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Wiki Tips!

As we come across tips in the future, they will be added here. Should you have a suggestion, please mention it in the Site/Forum questions section of the forum.

Navigation and Appearance.

While the "back" button on your browser will often take you right back to the previous page, be sure to add a link back to the previous page at the end of your article. All you have to do is place the name of the previous page between double square brackets - just like making a new link.

Suppose you are reading an article and spot something that you think should have it's own page, put the double brackets around the term so that it will link to it's own page. From there on out, when someone reads that article, they can go and learn more about the term.

Even if you don't have a new article to write, you can really help out by browsing the wiki and looking for those subjects which could be discussed in more detail. One of the greatest strengths of this wiki is the way that you can link just about anything to anything else.

Take credit for your write-ups!

When you make a write up, be sure to link to yourself at the end! This not only shows others who did the write-up (allowing them to contact you for more information if they need it), but also allows you a chance to build a reputation in the DSM community. Linking to your screen name, you can then link to all your write-ups on your own page (where you might have a mod list, picture of your ride or self, or more). What this means is that someone might see your write-up on installing a 1G steering wheel in your 99GS, visit your page, and then see that you've also got a write-up detailing how to build a custom exhaust system. Win win situation!

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