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2GNT Acronyms

Following is a list of common acronyms related to 2GNTs.

2GNT Second (2) Generation Non Turbo

A/C Air Conditioning

A/F Air Fuel (ratio)

AFR Air Fuel Ratio

[A/T] Automatic Transmission (see ATX)

ABS Antilock Braking System

ASD Automatic Shutdown Relay

SAFC (Apexi) Super Air Fuel Convertor

[AT] Automatic Transmission (See ATX.)

BDC Bottom Dead Center

BHP Brake HorsePower

BOV Blow Off Valve

CAI Cold Air Intake

CAS Crank Angle Sensor

CARB California Air Resource Board

CBCC Clean Black Car Club

CCA Cold Cranking Amps

CD Coefficient of Drag

CEL Check Engine Light (On some models, "Service Engine Soon.")

CF Carbon Fiber

[CKP] Crankshaft Position Sensor (See CAS.)

CL Closed Loop

CLT Coolant Temperature Sensor

CMP Camshaft Position Sensor

[CPS] Crankshaft Position Sensor (See CAS.)

CR Compression Ratio

[CTS] Coolant Temperature Sensor (See. CLT.)

DAC Digital Analog Convertor

DFI (Accel) Digital Fuel Injection

DIS Direct Ignition System

DIS-2 (MSD) Distributorless Ignition System - 2 channel

DSP Digital Signal Processor

DOHC Dual OverHead Cam

DSM Diamond Star Motors

ECU Engine Control Unit

ECT Engine Coolant Temperature

EFI Electronic Fuel Injection

EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature

EGO Exhaust Gas Oxygen (O2S)

EMF Electro Magnetic Field

EMS Engine Management System ("stand alone")

EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EEPROM Electrically Erasable PROM

EVAP EVAPorative emission control system

FCD Fuel Cut Defencer

FMIC Front Mount InterCooler

FPR Fuel Pressure Regulator

FT Fuel Trim

HO2S Heated O2 Sensor

HP Horsepower

HVAC Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning

I/E/H Intake / Exhaust / Header

IAC Idle Air Control (ISC)

IAT Intake Air Temperature

IC InterCooler

ISC Idle Speed Control (IAC)

ITC Ignition Timing Convertor

[M/T] Manual Transmission (See MTX.)

MAF Mass Air Flow

MAFT Mass Air Flow Translator

MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure

MAT Manifold Air Temperature

MBC Manual Boost Controller

MFI Multiport Fuel Injection (MPI)

MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp (CEL)

MMSA Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America

MS MegaSquirt (form of EMS by Bowling and Grippo.)

[MT] Manual Transmission (See MTX.)

MPI MultiPort fuel Injection (MFI)

N2O Nitrous Oxide

NOS (Holley brand) Nitrous Oxide Systems

O2S Oxygen Sensor (EGO)

OBDI On Board Diagnostics I (95 cars)

OBDII On Board Diagnostics II (96+ cars)

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

OL Open Loop

OPSU Oil Pressure Sending Unit (Credited to Dave Tsang.)

PCM Powertrain Control Module

PCV Positive Crankcase ventilation System

PS Power Steering

PSI Pounds per Square Inch

SAFC (Apexi) Super Air Fuel Convertor (AFC)

SAIS Secondary Air Injection System

SATAN euphamism for the Dealer

SFI Sequential multiport Fuel Injection

SMIC Side Mount Intercooler

SRS Secondary Restraint System

SS Stainless Steel (as in brake lines)

STB Strut Tower Bar (or Brace)

TB Throttle Body or Timing Belt

TCM Transmission Control Module (Automatics only)

TDC Top Dead Center

TQ Torque

TPS Throttle Position Sensor

TT Turbo Timer

UDP Under Drive Pulley

VC1 (Split Second) Voltage Clamp

[WB] Wideband (See WBO2.)

WOT Wide Open Throttle

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